You Know You Went to High School in the Late 90s When …

Update: Let's clarify this as "late" 90s. People who graduated in the early 90s seem to be getting disgruntled. ;)

If you relate to any or all of these things, well then, my friend - like me - you went to high school in the late 90s. Class of ’99, wut wut!


You know you went to high school in the late 90s when …

AOL Instant Messenger was your EVERYTHING. 

You drove a used Honda with 200,000 miles on it.

You loved the movie The Craft

You remember when gas was less than a dollar per gallon which was awesome because you were broke. 

You were going to move to New York after High School because ... Friends.

You remember chat rooms. You remember chat rooms often got weird. To put it mildly.

Cool people had pagers. Cooler people made sure the clip was outside the pocket. 

Nokia ruled the world. 

You watched Total Request Live after school religiously.

You remember South Park was actually funny back then.

Thick blonde highlights was where it's at. Thank you plastic caps we had to pull large chunks of hair out of!

Butterfly clips, anyone?

Daria perfectly captured your aloof cynical side. 

Dark lip liner? Clear lip gloss? Peeeeerfect.

Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness was on constant loop.

You saved up a lot of money to replace your crappy tape deck with a detachable CD player.

You had your Discman with you at all times.

You had just grown out of your Saved by the Bell obsession. Sort of.

You gradually brought back the “wear your backpack on both shoulders” movement because in the early 90s it was one shoulder and that just didn't feel good anymore.

You loved wearing overalls. Maybe you only buckled one side. Don’t worry about it.

You grew out of the high bangs in the 80s look for the straighten your bangs and curl them under in the 90s look.

Long hair tendrils were the only option for prom.

The Real World was everything you ever wanted in a TV show.

You wore sweater vests like a preppy boss.

You wore Clinique Happy. Or Sunflowers. Or Vanilla Fields.

You saved up your part-time job money to buy 30 pound Doc Martens.

You wore hemp necklaces - probably braided your own. Maybe you wore an ankle bracelet like me. Whatever.

You were devastated when My So Called Life was canceled. Still are.

You were in love with Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt. 

Leonardo is on this list because you were obsessed with that kick ass version of Romeo and Juliet movie.

It’s like, Claire Danes just “got you.”

Surge was your “drug of choice.”

If you didn’t own Birkenstocks, you wanted them.

Stacks of Delia*s catalogues, anyone?

You released all of your teen angst into Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek.

You had a giant CD binder library in your car that you’d try to hide so no one would break into your car and steal them.

You either hated or loved ska.

You played No Doubt’s "Spiderwebs" as your voicemail message.

You and your friends went to Blockbuster and rented movies on your parent’s account.

You were open to spending most your life living in a Gansta’s Paradise.    

LA Looks gel kept your hair looking perfectly stiff and flaky.

By 9 PM, your whole house smelled like Oxy Pads.

Another day, another choker necklace.

JNCOS. 30 inch leg holes. That is all.

Hello? I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish ….

You went to the movies with your friends in your oversized Tommy Hilfiger shirt.

You remember the steamy backseat scene in Titanic.

The boys smelled like Cool Water. Too much Cool Water.

All of your shoes were clunky. All of them.

You may not have been into Nine Inch Nails, but you knew all the lyrics to that one creepy, yet super catchy song about doing something like an animal.

You regularly walked by hacky sack circles, or maybe you were in one.

You quoted Clueless regularly, “As if!”

Prince's "Party Like it's 1999" was your jam.

You lived in fear of Y2K! Y2K! AHHHH!!!


I could go on forever! I know I missed some - what did I leave out?