My Local News Station Gave Incredibly Bizarre Storm Coverage in the Best Way Possible

A couple days ago,  Omaha (my home town) was hit with ferocious storms. Many of my friends and family took camp in their basements while tornado sirens blared for what felt like hours.

I was not lucky enough to catch this moment on my local news station, but many Nebraskans were - and I'm so, so glad they did.

WOWT News asked locals to post photos of the storm from their neighborhood on their Facebook page. During the live broadcast, they scrolled through the photos until UH OH! 

The station learned a tough lesson - never, ever trust the Internet to keep things appropriate.


What was that? Let's zoom in. 


Was Omaha safe from tornadoes?


But we'll never be safe from this photo.

(H/T TheConcourse)