My hilarious friend Tara Wood from Love Morning Wood  quickly figured out her father's friend, Hilda, had been hacked on Facebook, when she started to get messages that were clearly not her.

So she did what any person should do - harass the hell out of the hacker with total, hilarious nonsense. FYI - language at times, is NSFW.



Because I'm super lazy, this is probably where my conversation would have stopped, report the crap to Facebook and move on with my life. But no, Tara wasn't having any of that. Turns out, "Hilda" contacted her the next day to follow up, but instead of recommending she get in contact with "Bobby Clayton," the name changed to "Jack Brown Krohn."

So, when spammers can't even get their story straight, what's a woman to do? Contact Jack Brown Krohn, obviously.

And sexually harasses him. RELENTLESSLY. 




So what is the lesson here? The lesson is, when some loser piece of crap spammer/hacker tries to screw you out of your hard earned money, harass them relentlessly until they want to report you to Facebook, but can't because they're trying to run a fraudelent enterprise and can't really get caught.

Sweet, sweet justice. 

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