Woman online shops “like a boss” until she has to get off couch for her wallet


Local Orlando woman planned on making cyber Monday her “biotch”  and nearly succeeded at her online shopping efforts until she had to get up off the couch to find her wallet.

“I was crushing my Christmas shopping list. But when it came time to check out, my wallet was all the way upstairs and I just lost steam,” said Darlene Mowrey, 37. “I was watching Guy’s Grocery Games and I told myself I’d go get it during a commercial break, but the commercials came and went and my online cart just sat there, judging me a little.”

Mowry isn’t alone. Nearly 65% of all online shoppers abandon their carts when it’s time to checkout.  For some, it’s because they have difficulty making the financial commitment. For most, it’s because they’re too lazy to go get a credit card.

“If I wanted to get up off the couch, I would get in my car and go to Best Buy. Maybe in the future our computers can just scan our eyeballs for our card numbers or something. Typing in all those numbers is a huge pain in the ass,” said Mowry.

Mowry says she regrets not getting her wallet right away. “By the time I was finally ready to checkout, half my cart had sold out. I’m pissed, but I have no one to blame but my husband who left my wallet upstairs.”

Mowry has yet to finish her Christmas shopping.