The Wait is Over. For Now.

Can we have another one of those little chats again where we grab our coffees and settle in? Or just read me on your phone while you use the bathroom?

I feel like I’m supposed to say this to someone this morning - and it might be you so here goes. I took this picture with my girls to commemorate a moment I wanted to remember for the rest of my life. This is the day I signed with a literary agent,January 21, 2017. My girls are too little to understand now, but someday they will. It took me an incredibly long time to get here, and it came. 

There are still so many unknowns, but I am one critical step closer to getting my ideas into real life published books. And good grief, I was starting to wonder if this was all just a bunch of nonsense I conjured up in my own head.

Have you noticed that most of our lives are spent in the waiting?

The big moments are rare occasions. And the waiting for those big moments is especially painful because we’re wading in a pool of uncertainty and doubt. Why suffer in the moment for a time that may never come?

That’s why giving up feels so good at first, but can end up being one of our greatest regrets.

I made it to one step, but now I’m back in the waiting. There isn’t much to do here but work, and toil and write and pray. And kiss my girls and my husband and bulldog. And call my mom and cry because it’s so hard, then get back to the doing because this waiting isn’t gonna wait on itself.

There is sage wisdom in giving up on a vision that’s intent is cloaked in revenge or ego - because if the big moment does come, it’s reward is shallow.

But giving up on a dream, especially a dream that could make my life and your neighbor’s life just a little bit better with your art, or your craftsmanship or you counsel or your voice or your presence, well - that just seems like the opposite of what we're sent here to do.

One day we’ll look back and realize most of joys were right here, in this miserable, Oh God is it ever gonna happen?!?! waiting. 

Don’t be afraid to hang out here a little bit longer. Besides, I’m here and I could use a little company.