Recipe reviewers that are the freaking WORST

Whenever I see a recipe I want to try, I check out the reviews. And through this journey, I’ve come across some reviewers who are the freaking worst. Here are a few examples. 


"I didn’t follow the recipe and refuse to take responsibility for my actions" review:


Ugh, this recipe was so gross I had to throw it out. I didn’t have butter, so I used oil and I try to be healthy, so I swapped the flour with almond flour. I also swapped the granulated sugar with agave nectar. It was DISGUSTING! Don’t even try this recipe.


So you basically created your own ridiculous dish using completely different ingredients, but somehow that’s Ina Garten’s fault? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE.



"I didn’t follow the recipe, but think I enhanced it, therefore wanted to show you guys I’m better than the professionals" review:


YUM! My family absolutely loved this dish. A couple things: I cooked this dish at 400 instead of 350. I also used red wine even though it doesn’t call for any, and threw in a bunch of herbs like sage, rosemary and thyme. Oh, I also used a different cut of meat bc I wanted to do better than a chuck. Make it, you’ll love it.


Just stop. You’re just as bad as the one star recipe changer, but I guess I’ll throw you a bone that at least you didn’t throw shade by giving an unwarranted one star review. Be honest, you really just wanted to express how great you are at cooking “improv style” because this isn’t a review of a recipe, it’s a humble brag that’s helpful to no one.



"You don’t understand how the star system works" reviewer:


Love this recipe! My kids want me to make it again for Christmas :)


Why did you give this 3 stars? Stop screwing with the stats!



"You screwed up, but refuse to accept reality" reviewer:


How can this recipe have 5 thousand 5 star reviews and I be the only one to give it one star! Well, whatever - BAKER BEWARE! I’ve been baking, excellently, for 30 years and this was by far the WORST cake recipe I’ve ever made. It didn’t rise, it was waaaaay too dense and it tasted like it was burnt! I had to throw it out, YUCK! If you make this cake, prepare to give it to the dog.


When a recipe has hundreds (or even thousands) of 5 star reviews and you’re the only one giving it one star, it’s time for some self-reflection. Could it be possible, despite your baking skills, that maybe you screwed up the recipe? Maybe? Just a little? Nope? You’re still convinced you’re perfect and everyone else is insane? Ok, fine. Whatever.