Pregnant Woman Verbally/Physically Assaults Hospital Staff After Being Told it’s Too Late for an Epidural


A Sacramento woman verbally and physically assaulted various staff at St. Mary’s hospital after being told it was too late for an epidural.

“I’ve never seen anyone go on that kind of rampage before,” said Barbara Murray, a nurse at St. Mary. “She came in to the labor and delivery unit very sweet, but in a lot of pain. She quickly asked for an epidural, but was denied. That’s when it got scary. Like horror movie, scary.”

On September 15th, at approximately 9:15 AM, Theresa Thompson checked in to St. Mary’s labor and delivery unit where she was quickly assessed and admitted. Nurses determined she was fully dilated and the rate of her contractions did not make her a candidate for an epidural.

“Usually when I tell a woman it’s too late, she looks at me like I just told her we were the only survivors in a zombie apocalypse, but she manages to get through it anyway. Not Thompson, she flipped the [expletive] out. At one point she even tried to punch me in the crotch,” said nurse Murray.

According to police reports, Thompson went from sweet and hopeful to demonic upon hearing she would feel a baby rip through her loins. “She was not only calling me curse words so foul they’re illegal in 20 states, but she started to zero in on my dead tooth and Crocks, mocking me relentlessly,” said nurse Katie Hobbs. “She not only scared me, but she really hurt my feelings.”

Her relentless verbal assaults didn’t end there. When another nurse entered the room wearing a pony tail, Thompson called her Ariana Grande’s ugly step sister and threw her iPhone at her. The insults only got worse as her contractions grew in intensity.

“At one point, her OB Dr. Bill Johnson came in and Thompson called him “Hitler with a smaller weiner” then tried to choke him with a stethoscope but couldn’t reach him over her belly,” said Hobbs. “We had to call the police in to restrain her.”

Eventually Thompson was properly restrained and gave birth to healthy baby boy. “Once it was over, her entire demeanor changed,” said Murray. “She was sweet as rain. It’s like she never made fun of my saggy boobs. I’m still trying to forgive.”

St. Mary’s decided to not press charges against Thompson.