MOMAHA COLUMN // Motherhood: Is there more to life than this?

Is motherhood a woman’s purpose in life? Yes and no. At least that’s how I see it.

Motherhood can be all-consuming. Our children need us around the clock. It’s our responsibility to teach them how to be good, loving people, how to share, how to spell their name and how to wipe their butts. How could our essential role and presence that will shape their lives forever not be our purpose?

It is. But it’s also not all there is.

See, I have this suspicion that we were all born with some gift, some “thing” that makes us unique. And that “thing” fills our empty cups when a toddler tantrum empties it faster than we can say, “Does anyone want a toddler free of charge?”

I’ve known many women whose children grew up and left, and they looked around and thought, “Now what?” And then came a darker question: “Who am I?”