Local Five-Year-Old's Poop Jokes Reach New Level of Sophistication

Brie Sorenson, 38, of Forest Hills, Queens, was bursting with pride this morning as her daughter’s sense of humor reached a new milestone. The subject of all her daughter’s jokes? Poop.

Two years ago, when Chevre was three, all her jokes had the same punch line: either poop or butts. When the pint-size comedienne said “knock knock," you could be confident that at the door was someone’s butt, and sure as shinola, that butt was pooping.

Chevre’s come a long way from those feces-filled days. Since that time her poop jokes have developed in imagination and nuance. Today, her comedy references different kinds of poop, with diarrhea making a strong showing, peppered with the far more conventional fart jokes to characters whose butts inexplicably hurt. Ms. Sorenson says it’s Chevre’s details that show real intelligence.

Dr. T. P. Scott, editor of the Journal of Scatological Pediatrics, concurs. Jokes about excrement, he claims, are the main way a pediatrician gauges a child’s development. “When a child graduates from jokes about farting and pooping to in-depth descriptions of their stool not to mention the efforts that went into creating them, that’s when we know they’re ready for the big-time.” When pressed as to what the big-time could possibly mean in this context, Dr. Scott was evasive and claimed he had to go see a man about a mule.

According to her mother, Little Chevre may be a prodigy. A mere month ago her daughter posed the question: Why did the chicken cross the road? And the answer was “to poop.” But now, Ms. Sorenson reports, Chevre says, Why did the chicken wear underwear when he crossed the road? Answer: “So he could poop in them.” Which shows Chevre’s mature development, even though the chicken himself has clearly not been potty-trained.