Child Holds Parents Hostage for 8 Hours, Forcing them to “Watch Her Dance”

Pictured above: Four year old Lena Swan, who held her parents hostage for 8 hours.



Ken and Leah Swan of Kansas City, Missouri reported being held hostage by their four year old daughter Lena for 8 hours, without food, water, or potty breaks. Lena allegedly begged her parents to “watch her dance” while she performed non-sensical dance moves, using the family room fire place as a stage.

“I’m just so relieved it’s over,” said Mrs. Swan. “It was cute at first, but then she wouldn’t stop. No matter how much we begged, she wouldn’t stop making us watch her dance!”

The Swans allege Lena’s requests to be watched dancing occurred at around 11 am Saturday morning. “It seemed innocent and fun,” said Mr. Swan. “She got on the fire place and said, ‘Mommy, Daddy! Watch me dance!’ so we stopped what we were doing and watched her do some type of jive motion, feverishly kicking out her legs and arms. When we thought she was finished, we clapped. But she wasn’t done. She was just getting started.”

Mrs. Swan says they weren’t even given the courtesy of music to accompany their forced dance show. “She just moved her body around like a crazy person,” she said. 

When pressed as to why they didn’t just tell their daughter to stop or get up and leave, the Swans claim that no one can truly know how they suffered unless you were there.

“Trust me, we tried,” said Mr. Swan. “We tried to leave, go about our business, pretend it wasn’t happening, but she just begged and screamed, ‘Daddy! Watch me dance! Mommy! Watch me dance!’ - she wouldn’t stop. She just wouldn’t stop,” he said, holding back tears.

As for Lena, she has moved on to other things for the moment, but says she is considering forcing her parents to watch her jump rope badly some time in the future.