BREAKING: Perfect Mom Who Shames Grieving Parents on Facebook Has No Friends


A Cleveland, Ohio mother claiming she has never once made a mistake while parenting, does not have a single friend, reports say. 

Caroline Jester, 32, has made it her mission to not only blame the parents suffering in the aftermath of an unimaginable freak accident, but takes it upon herself to point out her spotless parenting record in every relevant Facebook thread she can find.

“I have four children and I have never once taken my eyes off any of them. They’ve never ran, fallen, or even scraped a knee. Why? Because I care for my children! It’s not rocket science!” said Jenkins.

During recent tragedies involving toddlers at the Cincinnati Zoo and Disney World Resort, Jester has barely slept due to her online crusade. “Everyone knows that Disney World is infested with alligators. What parent in their right mind would take their child to Disney World and then let them play near a man made lake? My God, this country needs some common sense!” 

Jester says she isn’t bothered she can’t make friends due to her self-righteousness. “A toddler doesn’t just “run” or “bump their head” - their parent makes that happen because of their gross negligence. If I could, I’d call CPS on every parent in the US. God knows these kids would be far better off in the foster system than in the loving care of their idiot parents.”

Jester’s neighbor, Sara Watts, thinks Jenkins is full of crap. “Whenever there is a horrifying freak accident involving a child, Caroline spends hours on Facebook judging the parents. Meanwhile her kids are running in the street covered in dog poop and Otter Pops. I think she believes that because, by the grace of God, none of them have died - that makes her better than everyone else. She’s delusional.”

Jester disagrees. “If relentlessly judging other parents online instead of offering them my love and compassion can help people become better parents, then I consider it a job well done. If people can’t accept my superiority, then they weren’t true friends to begin with.”

Jester continues to live friend-free with her 4 children and husband who refused to be interviewed.