After reading comments on political posts, woman realizes she hates everyone


A Denver woman, who considers herself to be a very spiritual, kind and loving person, was horrified to discover she may hate nearly everyone.

“I read political news to get up to date coverage on the upcoming election,” Suzie Edwards, 38, said. “And somehow, as if pulled from some unforeseen force, I get sucked into the comments. When I’m scrolling through each comment with shock and horror, I realize I hate everyone.”

Although comment sections are known to be particularly toxic, Edwards believes the sections also reveal how people really feel, but aren't comfortable saying publicly. Even so, she also can't stand people who can't spell, edit their own comments, or write in all caps.

“One would think I just hate the people who disagree with me politically,” Edwards said, “not true. I also hate people who leave a comment of misspelled gibberish, or can’t seem to do a general edit of their comments. When you’ve misspelled “They’re” as “Their” three times in the same comment, I have no use for you. Or your political opinions.”

Edwards says she tries to not let all that nonsense get under her skin, but some days she’s too weak and beaten down. “People just say crap and they have no idea what they’re talking about! And then they’re mean and condescending about it! And they’re wrong! Is there anything worse than someone being wrong and an asshole? It’s so painful I can't sleep at night!"

Despite her current negative feelings about “pretty much everybody," Edwards hopes she can avoid Facebook long enough to see the good in people again. “But I don’t know. I’m looking out my window and my neighbor is letting his dog sh*t in my yard. I may never recover my loving heart again.”