Setting Myself Up For Success. Or Failure. Mostly Failure.

My Super Sexy Life

What Body Shaming Tweets Actually Mean

This is My Truth. I've Never Seen a Single Episode.

When you realize life is pointless

Seriously! Delete it now!!

H/T The Fat Jew by @conortripler

Depressing Truths

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An Unfavorable Christmas Miracle

Why Coffee and Introverts are BFF's

Things Women are Bound to do if Allowed to Drink at Target


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The woman who wrote this Sex and the City episode (Cindy Chupack, duh) is hanging out with us this Thursday, January 9th. Ask her questions LIVE. Enter to win a signed copy of her hilarious book.

This is gonna be epic, friends.


This is How I'm Feeling, Everybody

A sad reminder that Christmas is over and that I'm feeling really lazy about taking all my Christmas crap down.

Like, really lazy about it.

Christmas Pro-Tip

Oh, Fudgeballs