Lady Problems

Trust me, I just tried it.

Signs You Hate Cold Weather

Running With a Side of Womanly Shame

Distraught Chicago Woman Forced to Choose Between Skinny Jeans and Relentless UTI

Pervert Magnet

MAYhem: Stuck in a Dress and Fighting for My Survival

Gwenyth Paltrow Casually Recommends $15,000 Sex Toy While America Continues to Loathe Gwenyth Paltrow

I'm a Work In Progress

A Friendly Reminder

Thou Shalt Not Drop The F-Bomb On Mother's Day

My Dream Life


Vagina Shorts or Sweater Vests? You be the judge.

Put a Dollop of Yogurt on Your Tampon and then Call Me in the Morning

Arm Exposure

People Who Trigger My Resting Bit** Face

I Deserve Love, Respect and a Big Ass Dollop of Guac

It's Friday, Ladies!!

It's Superpubic!

HooHas Podcast Ep. 20: Lady Problems All Women Can Relate To