HooHas Headlines

Studies show children prefer to wreck your house when you’re on the phone

Sudden slow Internet speeds spins family to the brink of collapse

Woman online shops “like a boss” until she has to get off couch for her wallet

Riot breaks out when CA polling station runs out of “I voted” stickers

Beyoncé’s Secret Revealed!

Mother Takes Legal Action Against “ONLY Breast Is Best” claim as Kid Turns Out to be Weird as Any Other Kid at the Playground

Pregnant Woman Verbally/Physically Assaults Hospital Staff After Being Told it’s Too Late for an Epidural

After reading comments on political posts, woman realizes she hates everyone

World Shocked Ryan Lochte Was Smart Enough to Pull Off "Credible Lie for 3 Whole Days”

Pregnant Women Drinking Water Linked to Children Becoming “Little Sh*ts” at 3-Years-Old

Man posts 35 angry political status updates per day, disheartened friends aren’t changing mind.

Church pastor saddened when spike in church attendance due to Pokémon stop and not his brilliant sermons

Dentist Confirms Giada De Laurentiis has 300 Teeth

BREAKING: Perfect Mom Who Shames Grieving Parents on Facebook Has No Friends

Local Five-Year-Old's Poop Jokes Reach New Level of Sophistication

Distraught Chicago Woman Forced to Choose Between Skinny Jeans and Relentless UTI

Gwenyth Paltrow Casually Recommends $15,000 Sex Toy While America Continues to Loathe Gwenyth Paltrow

Child Holds Parents Hostage for 8 Hours, Forcing them to “Watch Her Dance”

Local Mother Arouses Suspicion When her Children Are Observed Playing Outside

Woman Mistakenly Begins Whole30 First Day of Girl Scout Cookie Season “Like an Idiot”