All it took to write a book was a little help from the two parenting wonder drugs. And, terrible drawings skills. Amber Dusick nailed it. Hard.

Have you heard of Amber Dusick from Parenting Illustrated with Crappy Pictures? Then get out from under your rock and make sure you have a fresh pair of undies because this hilarious woman just came out with a book. A book we bitterly wish we thought of first.


Naturally, we had no choice but to interview her on our very popular radio show that our mom's listen to (and spouses by force), "HooHas Radio." There's drugs, no sex (that we can remember...well there was that one...nope) and also, we're pretty sure there isn't any rock and roll either. Unless you count Jess's obsession with strumming her guitar leg and performing Freebird every time the "On Air" light turns off. Except we're pretty sure Amber finally solved our rock star drought.

 Enjoy this interview and then order her amazing book. It's a HooHas fave!


Tell us what you love most about Amber's hilarious book or blog in the comments below!