Mexican Singer Experiences My Worst Nightmare

Well, what can I say? Mexican singer Patricia Navidad lived through my worst nightmare and lived to tell the tale.

Personally, I don't know her undie situation, but I'd bet money she isn't wearing granny panties. You always wear granny panties! There's no time for sexy during our periods, there's only time for granny panties, sweatpants and carbs.

Well Patricia didn't take Maxi-Pad Gate lying down. She fired back to some jerks on Twitter: 

Translation: They say that a man who treats a woman like a princess was raised by a queen, those who attack, who raised you?

But Patricia keeps going and kicks it up a notch, or 10,000 notches ...

Translation: Too bad all the men that are making fun of this weren’t there, because if it is what they say it was I would’ve loved to have smeared it on their face.

In your face, jerks! Pun not intended until I just realized I made a pun!

Several years ago when I was working in an office, I used the restroom and had a long string of toilet paper hanging out of my pants. Sometimes life can be a real bastard. I'm just glad it wasn't captured on camera.

H/T Buzzfeed