Bad, Terrible, Horrible Version of O Holy Night

​​Bad, Terrible, Horrible Version of O Holy Night via @hahasforhoohas

It's such a beautiful time of the year to bundle up and sing Christmas carols all the live long day. Or is it...



Really, what is there to say about something like this that is equal parts glorious and terrible? Nothing. No words left in the whole entire vocabulary of words except, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I wished for a few seconds that you all knew how atrocious my singing voice can be so that you could understood the level of joy and cry-laughing I experience every.single.time. I watch this video. And I've watched it a lot. I'm fairly certain I'm going to have the hiccups for the rest of my life from all the sharp intakes of breath I've done when this thing is rolling.

And no. I don't think that I'm building it up too much. Trust me.

You can download the 'original' song on iTunes. And get yourself better acquainted with Martin Landry(the guy with the mad lip syncing skills) and Trey Tatum, immediately!