The Mother of Bad Gifts: Baby Wee Wee


Most people search for the BEST Christmas gifts. We search for...the worst. Like terrible, awkward and something that makes you lose faith in humanity.


And by the beard of Zeus, I'm pretty sure we found something that takes the cake. There were a lot of contenders. There are a lot of horrible gift ideas that never should be sent to production.


Contender #1: Gelli Baff or "Yes, let's create more chaos and mess during bath time because that would be so fun"


Via: Gelli Baff


Contender #2: Who doesn't like to clean up dog crap? Best time of my life! (BTW, "yummy" treat is his crap.)


Via: Codebot


Contender #3: Said slyly, "Oh, I've got a Christmas present for you alright. There's some trees that need to be cut down....NO! I'm not talking literally, John. Can you not see my Christmas tree crocheted boobs? Or the bow down below? Don't rip it off so fast! This isn't a wax session!"


Via: Etsy


But then you see this guy's face along with his daughter who is obviously mocking him and you wonder why he's so appalled.


Find out why this gift takes the cake, our friends.



What better gift can you gift your child this holiday season than the gift of getting peed on and having your child mock you? No better one we can think of, no better one.