The HooHas Top 5: Sexy Tips for Valentine's Day

Looking for some ways to keep the romance on and poppin' for Valentine's Day?

Look no further, the HooHas have compiled a top 5 list of our favorite sexy tips!

1)  Wear a Hoodie Footie - it's Purrrrrfect. Bored of that tired old lingerie from Victoria Secret?  We don't blame you.  Men are very visual, so give them as much eye candy as humanly (or should I say leopardy) possible on this Saints Day of Love.

2)  The Bikini T-Shirt - It'll Be Our Little Secret

Having trouble losing a few pounds after the holidays?  Don't worry, just wear a bikini t-shirt.  Your man will be thrilled to see your body in tip top shape and if you quickly turn off the lights he'll never even know.   It will be our little secret ... *wink *wink ...

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3) Shoot Him Your Love. In His Face. That's right. What's more romantic than telling your man you love him? Shooting a disc at his face that says "I Love You" on it. Ready to go up to the bedroom? You don't need to tell him. Get your love disc and shoot it at his genitals. Let your love fly through the air - literally.

4) Snuggie for Two, Please What's sexier than a snuggie? A snuggie for two you silly goose. Pop the champagne and grab the chocolate covered strawberries and get cozy. Your snuggie for two won't just keep you warm - it will get you hot. Real hot.

5) Put on Your Sexy Elegant Lolita White Lace Anklet Ruffle Socks - Duh. "Yes honey? Oh, these old rags? They're just my sexy Lolita socks I purchased on eBay. Why, do you like them? Well why don't you take them off? With your teeth. What? Yes, they're clean, I just bought them. I just called them old rags because I was being coy. No, I said coy. COY!  C-O-Y!" You get the point.