Let's face it.  Women need to vent about the crazy crap that happens in our lives. You know that crazy stuff that happens throughout your day, either with your kids, your husband, your work, your period, your inability to control your bladder ... and you grab the phone as quickly as you can to tell your girlfriend all about it?

Well, instead of calling your girlfriend, we'd rather you just type it up real quick and share it with your fellow HooHas!

​A couple things before we get started:

  • We receive countless submissions so we can not respond to every submission. You will only be notified if your story has been selected. 
  • All stories must be submitted through our submission form in order to be considered.
  • You may submit your story HERE!

Submission Guidelines



As we said, you don't have to be a professional writer or photographer to share your funny story on HooHas (although professional or amateur writers/bloggers are certainly welcome) and the story submitted to us may be work you’ve previously written, created or published on another blog or website.  What’s most important to us is that you wrote it and that you own it.


Feel free to use our submission form to submit your story or photo.  If you wish to link to another website or article, paste them in the spot they are intended to go.  

Post length

Take all the space you need, friend.  However, do keep in mind that shorter stories (1000 words or less) tend to be more easily read as online blog posts. With that said, there is no limit to story length.  Unless you’re trying to send us a book.  That won’t work. 


HaHas for HooHas has full rights to edit submitted articles.  While it is never our intent to edit heavily, there are times when we must rework titles, openings, conclusions, language, grammar or spelling.  It is a necessary evil to ensure articles meet the expectations of our readers. We may send your post back to you requesting revisions, additions or omissions.  Refusal to do so may cause the article to not be published.  Long response time to our request may do the same.


HaHas for HooHas wants to give you all the credit we possibly can.  We’ll be happy to highlight you, your hometown, your blog/website or your cause.  Send us a sentence or two and the information will be published in your byline.  We will also publish relative links, if you like. If you wish to remain anonymous you are free to do so.  The attribution will simply read “Anonymous.”  Only those at HooHas will have your personal information and we will not share it at any time – with anyone.

Copyright and Appropriate content

All content, including text and images must be the original work or property of the author.  Quotes or content not from author must be attributed properly.  If you’re not sure how, google it.  HaHas for HooHas wants to be as inclusive as possible, so we've taken care to watch our language.  We will ask you to edit profanity, or we may edit it for you.  If it's pertinent to the story (or hilarity) we may edit the word with characters so the audience gets the point.  Understand what I'm sayin', b*&%hes? (sorry, that was too easy). You may be open and honest about personal or sexual issues, but don’t be gross.  Anna usually crosses the line when talking about her period, but she co-found this website, so deal with it. Illicit or pornographic written material or images will be rejected, obviously.  Boo on you if you were even thinking about it. Articles may be honest experiences, however they may not be intentionally degrading to any sex or orientation.

Submission and Questions

Send your funny story via our submission form.  Or submit your hilarious "Conversation with my Kid" with this form.  If you have any questions or concerns, click here to say hi. All stories will be considered, however not all may be accepted.  Some may be published immediately, and others not for some time.  It all depends on our post schedule, relevancy, and themes. Good luck and happy writing!