You Know You're an 80s Kid When ...

You wore cheap, toe tearing jellies in multiple colors.

Nintendo - the ability to play Super Mario, Frogger, Duck Hunt - it was just - magical.

You got a Gameboy for Christmas and lost your CRAP.

You had New Kids on the Block sheets and had a favorite (mine was Jordan) but you loved all the guys - except for the ugly one. You know which one I’m talking about. ;)

You wore your Hypercolor shirt like a boss even when your pits were hot pink while you were sweating playing four square during recess. 

You and your girls played Mall Madness, probably while listening to New Kids on the Block.

You listened to “Hanging Tough” on your Walkman while reading Tiger Beat … 

… Or maybe you listened to it in your Pocket Rocker?

The Rat Pack was all that and then some.

You LOVED Pete’s Dragon and watched it so much you broke the VHS tape. Okay, just me on this one?

You had a favorite American Gladiator ... lookin' at you Laser ::sexy wink::

Saturday morning cartoons were your everything. Enough said …

… Well, I guess there’s more to say - Wuzzles.

You loved all your favorite Cabbage Patch Kids. Then there was Garbage Pail Kids - which was - weird.

You know the deep frustration of getting your Big Wheel stuck in gravel.

You got a Jem and the Holograms doll for your birthday and was devastated when you lost one of her accessories, like a cheap tiny plastic boombox that played music!

You had your favorite American Girl and read all her books. Mine was Molly.

You would rush home on your Huffy to watch Alf.

You know all the lyrics to the My Buddy commercials. You may even owned one. Or Kid Sister. Or both.

Remember Small Wonder? The little girl robot in the closet? WUT was happening with television, America?!

You wore Electric Youth and/or Exclamation perfume while pretending you were Debbie Gibson. Or Tiffany.

Slap bracelets were the best thing to ever happen to childhood fashion. Until you cut yourself. And then they got recalled for causing lead poisoning. But whatever, they were amazing!

You were either amazingly talented, or sucked hard at bouncing on pogo balls.

You remember when Chucky Cheese was Showbiz Pizza and dammit you liked it better that way.

Our kids don’t even know about Hamburglers! I mean, why even eat at McDonalds anymore?!

You drank Tab. Your mom drank Tab. Everyone drank Tab.

You had a He-Man doll. Or a She-Ra doll. Or both. And maybe you had them kiss sometimes. Whatever, I was bored!

Somebody bring back SMURFS!

You wanted to cuddle with your Teddy Ruxpin, but he was hard and uncomfortable. He could also scare the crap out of you when he started moving and talking out of nowhere.

Gremlins gave you nightmares if your parents let you watch it.

American Tale made you cry.

You rocked stirrup pants with zero regrets.

VHS tapes. All of the freaking VHS tapes!

You remember Saved By the Bell when they were in middle school with that blonde teacher (what was her name?!) and there were a bunch of characters who were totally screwed and never made it to the high school show.

You rode your Huffy bike around the neighborhood until the street lights came on.

You kept your Care Bears in that net thingie hanging up in the corner of your room where you kept all your other dolls and stuffed animals.

You hoped your crush would you ask you to couple skate at the skating rink.

You pumped up your Reebok Pumps at recess and ignored the fact it actually hurt a little.

TGIF shows were LEGIT.

You can sing the theme song to Family Ties on a dime. And Growing Pains. And Charles in Charge.

Light Brights were so much fun, OMG!

Popples, anyone?

Grandma loved to give you anything Precious Moments.

The family TV was a big ass box that sat on the ground.

While you watched that big ass box, you ate Combos.

You had to own that big white pen that had all the different colors. All you had to do was pull down the color switch you wanted and viola!

You or your big sister wore your hair in a high pony-tail like it was a water fountain.

If you were too little for INXS and U2, you knew them through your older siblings.

If you had style (I didn’t) you rolled your jean bottoms into peg bottoms.

Your parents really should have bought stock in Aqua Net.

You had a boom box with a cassette tape of all your favorite tunes recorded straight from the radio because you sat at the ready for 5 hours one Saturday and pressed play/record to make your most awesomest rad playlist and it was totally worth it.

You loved covering your lips in waxy Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. Dr. Pepper was probably your favorite.

Were you wearing Candies shoes? I think you were.

And leg warmers? Obviously.

And toe socks? DUH!

And did you tie your shirt on the side? OF COURSE YOU DID.

You also watched A Land Before Time and cried when the horse was stuck in mud during A Never Ending Story and you went to bed at night wishing you had your own dog dragon, Falcore.

You wore a lot of jelly bracelets and your older siblings layered their polos.

You knew at least one person who collected California Raisins figurines.

You were pretty upset when you died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail. 

Your school pictures have kick ass lasers in the background.


Okay, that all we can think of - what did we miss?!