What A Bubble Bath Really Looks Like As A Mom

The only thing she wanted after a loooong day of volunteering, chauffeuring kids to and from school, hip hop dance class, basketball practice, 7 loads of laundry, dinner, dishes, cleaning, and just plain "bein a mom" was to slip into a nice HOT bubble bath and ease her throbbing, piercing headache away.

Via: Heather Kaweck, Flickr

She tucked her 3 little "house wreckers" into bed, gave them goodnight kisses and said their prayers.

She lit her coveted, but rarely used pumpkin spice candle, filled the tub with lukewarm water ('cause the boys used all the hot water in their baths), poured the Cars 2 Tire Blazin' Berry bubble bath into the water ('cause it's all she could find), stepped on a Hot Wheels motorcycle on the way in, almost causing her to break her ankle and land in a rather precarious position on the edge of the bathtub with one foot in and one foot out and the shower curtain pulled down around her.

She gathered herself up from the heap on the floor, checked to see that all of her parts were in tact, limped back into the tub, all the while saying mean words under her breath, rolled up a towel to rest her head on ('cause SOMEONE cut a hole in her nice, soft, EXPENSIVE bath pillow), covered her tired eyes with a warm compress and settled in for a nice long QUIET soak.

Or. So. She. Thought....

2 minutes later.....

Kid 1: "Mommy, can I have a drink of water?"
Her: "No. You already had one. Go to sleep."

39 seconds later.....

Kid 2: "Mommy, can I change my pajamas?"
Her: "No you cannot. Go to sleep."
Kid 2: (In his very best whining voice) "But mommy, I HATE these pajamas!"
Her: "That's funny, 'cause 35 minutes ago, they were your absolute favorite pajamas in the whole wide world, remember? Now, go to sleep!"

14.5 blasted seconds later.....

Kid 3: "Mommy, I need lotion in my hair."
Her: "No you don't. Go to sleep."

1 minute later.....

Kid 2: (having his mind on lotion now 'cause his brother mentioned it) "Mommy, my legs itch. Can you rub lotion on them?"
Her: "I already did right before you went to bed. Go to sleep."

5 freakin seconds later.....

Kid 1: "Mommy, can you turn the air conditioning on? I'm hot."
Her: "No. Go to sleep."

10 seconds later.....

Kid 3: "Mommy, can you turn the heat on? I'm cold."
Her: "No. Go to sleep."

3 glorious minutes later.....

Kid 2: "Mommy, can you find my stuffed doggie for me? I need him to sleep.:"
Her: "Not right now. I'm busy. I'll find it when I'm done. NOW GO TO SLEEP!"

1.2 minutes later.....

Kid 3: "Mommy, I pooped and you forgot to put a pull up on me. Can you change me? It's mushy.
Her: (Pulling her dripping wet and exhausted body up out of the bathtub, wrapping a towel around herself, and throwing her hands up in the air in defeat, she runs to change her stinky little boy knowing that....Oh yes! there's just one more load of laundry to do now, headache or not!)


But she wouldn't trade her life for anyone else's in the universe!


Submitted by Andrea.