Welcome to the very first Anna and Susannah Show! If you're a bit confused and an avid fan of the HaHas for HooHas Podcast - don't fear. Your beloved podcast isn't changing much, we've just changed to name to better reflect the new dynamic with Susannah Lewis of Whoa Susannah fame as a regular host. Our first episode is LIVE! And ready to listen to!

Anna and Susannah talk about the Hip Hop we listened to growing up compared to the Hip Hoe our kids are listening to. And we judge it, like a couple of old ladies. Susannah recently chaparoned an elementary school dance and things got real with DJ. We break down the classics, Salt N Peppa, Biggie, etc. to today's music - and it's hilarious. PLUS! Anna's pregnancy - down to the bitter end!

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Anna Lind Thomas is the Founder/Head Writer & Designer at HaHas for HooHas.

When she's not being ridiculous on HooHas, she takes a funny spin on living with purpose and dream chasing like a crazy person on her personal site, annalindthomas.com.

You can follow Anna on her personal Facebook page and learn more in the About Us.
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