Two Trips and A Flip Phone

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The year was 2004. I was preparing to send my husband off on a week long business trip. It was a simpler time, before smart phones and tablets ruled our every existence. Allow me to take you back in time to remember what was once the highlight of our technology collection....the flip phone.

I was anxious about spending a week alone with my two children, ages 2 and 4, and the only thing that made it easier was the fact that I had bought my husband a flip phone so he could call me no matter where he was. Hours before he was set to leave, the phone stopped working. So, I did what I had to do. I dropped of my daughter at preschool and I headed to the cell phone store, with my 2 year old son in tow.

I knew I only had a small window of time to get the phone fixed or replaced before I had to be back home to give it to my husband. And we all know that there's really no such thing as a quick trip to the store, especially a cell phone store, especially with a toddler. But I was determined.

I pulled into the parking lot and proceeded to drag my son out of his car seat only to glance at a man coming up the sidewalk headed into the store. My only thought at this moment would come back to bite me. "I have to beat him into the store.  I don't have time to wait." So, I jerked my son out of the car seat, swung him up on my hip, and sprinted towards the door. I was doing it. I was going to beat him. Until it happened. The curb. I forgot about the curb.

Now, I want you to imagine the next scene in slow motion. I tripped. Over the curb. With a toddler on my hip who I love more than life itself. I see the man who I was racing against try to help stop the madness, to no avail. I took several exaggerated steps toward the door but I could not stop the momentum. I had time to swing my son around so that he would not hit the door, and then I caught myself. On the door. With my face. With my left cheek to be exact. The glass door. The one that people inside could see through. Insert humiliation. And a little bit of pain.

As I was still in a hurry, I jumped right up and allowed the sidewalk-man to open the door for me and, like the nice gentlemen he was, he LET ME GO FIRST.

Totally a gentleman.

I walked in the door and looked at the ladies sitting there trying not to laugh. I can only imagine what the scene looked like from inside the store. I got the phone replaced, got home in time to send my husband off on his trip, and then grabbed some ice to try to recover from a trip of my own.