Top 10 Craziest Things We've Said to Our Crazy Kids

Last week I asked you all to share the craziest things you've caught yourself saying to your kids.

Let me tell you something. YOU DELIVERED. We received so many submissions I can't fit them all in to one post. 

Clearly, we're going to need a Crazy Part Deaux.

Without further adieu ... 

Who put boogers on my wall!?!?!  -Skye Ritter

Penises are not weapons!!   -Roxanne McNamara

Take my thong off!   -Amanda S. 

Jonny! How many Christmas ornaments did you eat?!?!  


Where is my black bra that you were wearing yesterday?

(to my 4 year old son)  -Amanda Y.

Don't sit on the cat when you're naked!​  -Cari Simonson

Seriously. Stop throwing your farts in my face.  -Emily

Did you just kick your sister in the throat?

What are you, a ninja?​  -Sara Baxter

I already kissed your bum better. I'm not doing it again.  

-Kristine Jassman

Get your penis off the kitchen table.  -Tamara May

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