Sweet Mother of Mercy, That's Not a Whistle!!

When my daughter was about 5yrs old, my mother and I were walking around the neighborhood, with her following up.

Next thing I hear it “Doo da Doo…look at my new whistle mommy." I turned around to see her with a pink USED tampon holder up to her mouth blowing on it! (It was obviously trash day and this fell out of one of the bins.)


I ran her home and scrubbed, bleached, scraped, sandblasted her mouth and tongue … anything to get the disgusting germs out of her mouth. I would tell this story to others when she was older, without saying her name. Later on, I finally told her it was HER in the story and she was so grossed out.

Now anytime she messes with me, I will just look at her, look like I am holding a whistle and say “Doo da Doo ...”

Hi, I'm Lois Barbour -- a 47 yr old HAPPILY DIVORCED working mom from Southport NC.  I have 2 kids: 25 yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. My mission is to make sure my kids will never forget me as their funny mother, and to keep humor in their life and mine. Life is too serious, gotta enjoy it some too!