A Public Apology of Sorts: Lemonade Stand of Horrors

Kids: Mom! Can we have a lemonade stand?
Me: No.
Kids: Mom! Can we have a lemonade stand?
Me: NO! It's a weekday. Everyone is working so they can't come buy lemonade.

10 minutes later...
Kids: Mom! Can we pleeeeeeeeeeease have a lemonade stand?
Me: No.
Kids: Buuuuuuuuut moooooooooooom. We're so bored. There's nothing to do here but have a lemonade stand.
Me: We don't even have any lemonade! NO LEMONADE STAND!

10 more minutes later...
Kids: Mom. If you will just let us have a lemonade stand we will stop bugging you.
Kids: But why?
Me: Seriously? I already told you. No one will come and we don't have any lemonade. And you need lemonade and people to have a lemonade stand.

10 more minutes later...
Kids: Mom. We went over to Bob's house (our grandneighbors) and they gave us all their lemonade. And if you let us have a lemonade stand we'll donate half of the money to orphans.

Dammit! Those little boogers outsmarted me and started speaking my love language all at the same time. I kinda had no choice but to reward their ingenuity (I know, bad parenting, blah, blah, blah) and let them have a lemonade stand. They promised me that they (along with the help of Sadie's BFF) would do the whole lemonade stand by themselves. They would make the lemonade and they would set it up and take it all down all by themselves.

They got to it.

They set it up all by themselves.

They made their own signage (obviously):

And they made their own lemonade courtesy of the neighbor.

I asked them about the reddish-orangish liquid and they told me that it was strawberry lemonade. They said they found it in our basement. Red flags started going up all over the place. They finally confessed that they found a package of sour Skittles and they dissolved them in water. They assured me that it tasted just like strawberry lemonade. I hated to break it to them, but it tasted like Skittle water.

And lo and behold- after I told them that no one would come to their lemonade stand, they had a crowd of kids and people in cars stopping to have some lemonade. This did not bode well for my mom credibility. Wasn't I the one who said no one would come? Grrrr.

They sold $13 worth of lemonade and nearly all of the Skittle water. By the time they took half for charity and split the rest of the money, they each made $1.62. They think they are rich. They think they are the kings of lemonade stands. They think they have the right to look at me and say, "I told you so." I hate it when that happens!

But the real kicker came later...

I loaded all the kids in the van to take Sadie's friend home and saw this in the driveway:

Why yes, that is a plug-in foot spa.

And why yes, they plugged it in and used water out of the hose to make the Skittle water.

They thought that plugging it in and "boiling" the Skittle water was way easier that putting it in a pitcher and stirring it.

So consider this my public apology to all who came to my kid's lemonade stand and drank the strawberry lemonade- AKA dirty foot Skittle water.

Please don't sue. Or if you sue, just sue me for the children. Today, you can have them!

Megan Terry is a busy mom of three that calls the Louisville, Ky area home. She blogs about the indignities of motherhood, adoption, foster care and the the craziness that is life in the fast lane at www.millionsofmiles.com

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