The Pros & Cons of Going on a Date with Yourself

After my third child was born I started taking one a night a week to spend by myself, doing whatever the hell I want to do.

Crochet? Why, yes, I think I will.

Binge-watch The Good Wife? Sure!

Down an entire 5 lb bag of gummy bears while giving myself a pedicure? No...I've never done that.

Recently, I decided to take myself to see The Fault In Our Stars. I'm not here to rate the movie, but if you asked me to provide my non-professional review I would have to tell you, "It's so good you could die from crying." And not from cute little sobs, like you did in Marley and Me. I'm talking ugly crying. Like, if The Notebook had sex with A Walk To Remember -- their baby would be The Fault In Our Stars. 

Anyway, it was a great night full of salty snacks, comfortable clothes, and the sound of my deafening sobs.

I highly recommend going to the movies solo at least once in your life. There are definitely pros to watching the big screen without a date...and only a few cons. Just a few.


Pro: No need to dress up. You can even wear your comfy sweats that say "bootylicious" on the tush.

Con: The sweats are from your skinny high school days so all the only thing people can read is "boos."


Pro: You get all the popcorn, nachos, soda, and candy to yourself.

Con: You may not be able to walk in a straight line the next morning due to the salt/sugar overload.


Pro: You can laugh or cry as loud as you want without worrying about embarrassing anyone.

Con: Just don't try talking to your date, forgetting you don't actually have one.


Pro: It's dark. You don't have to wear a bra.

Con: There is no con. In fact, two more pros: nobody will take the seats next to you AND you are have a special tray for your red vines.


Pro: You can watch that dramatic romantic period movie you've been dying to see.

Con: You will probably regret you didn't actually go watch Anchorman 2.


Pro: You don't have to worry about if the other person is enjoying themselves enough for a make-out session after the show.

Con: You're partner may be waiting at home to get "biblical" with you, while you feel super bloated and gassy from all the junk food you just ate and don't want to be touched. Ever again. 


As you can see, dating yourself is essential to keeping your sanity! So, give yourself one night a week to meet a friend for coffee, get a mani-pedi, or even take your bra-less self to dinner. You deserve it.

PLEASE NOTE: If you do decide to go to dinner, please wear a bra. People are eating, for god's sake.