Podcast: Where's My Frickin' Blessin'?!

We have been put here for a reason, for a purpose - and trust - there is more than enough to go around! Just because we perceive someone has it better doesn’t mean they do - and it doesn't mean we don't have enough. Many rich “successful” people are miserable and lonely. The grass my be less stressful in some areas, but it isn’t greener. If we're faithful and joyful and seek God with all our heart and if we actually SHOW UP and do the work, our time will come and in the end, the suffering and "living without" will all make sense. Until then, can we rejoice with what we have?

Also, Susannah recently discovered there was an actual hate group created just to talk crap about her. Her response to the hate is perfect. 

Join us as we focus on Ecclesiastes 4:4 (Amplified)

Then I saw that all painful effort in labor and all skill in work comes form man's rivalry with his neighbor. This is also vanity, a vain striving after the wine and a feeding a on it.

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