Packing for a Trip: Women vs Men

Women Packing for a Business Trip:


One Week Before:

Begin making arrangements for kids’ school drop off/ pick up.

Fill prescriptions for the family.


½ Week Before:

Make a list of each kid’s activities for the week

Go grocery shopping to make sure there is enough food for the family for the week.

Finalize school drop off/ pick up.

Make sure all book orders/ permission forms/ school projects/ snacks are ready.

Inform kids’ teachers that you will be gone and warn them that your children may be disheveled and wearing mismatched clothes.


1 Day Before:

Do all the laundry so the kids have clean clothes to wear.

Make sure the dishwasher is emptied.

Spend 3 hours trying to decide what clothes to pack.

Start to pack a suitcase. Unpack suitcase. Pick all new clothes to pack.


Night Before:

Console crying children and reassure you will return.

Check and double check lists and bags.

Triple check backpacks and assignment notebooks.


Morning of:

Repack bag.

Pack one bag with just shoes.

Give long, drawn out goodbye hugs and kisses.

Throw in load of last minute laundry.

Load and run dishwasher.

Fold one more load of laundry.

Finally leave the house.


When Men Leave for a Business Trip:


An Hour Before:

Ask wife “where's my ----?”

Throw clothes in bag.

Leave the house.