Official medical term for 36th week of pregnancy is now called, "I'm so done with this sh*t" according to AA of Pediatrics

The American Association of Pediatrics has announced in a recent report that the 36th week of pregnancy will now be officially called the week “I'm so done with this sh*t.”

“Due to decades of working with pregnant women, we have found at the 36th week of pregnancy, nearly every woman proclaims at her doctor visit, ‘I am so done with this sh*t.’ As a result, we found it appropriate to give this week a more appropriate name that reflects what is actually going on with pregnant women,” said AAP chairwoman, Dr. Linda Gavirtz.

The association’s report goes on to explain that even the most happy and comfortable pregnancies tend to take a turn at this week. “At this point, most women aren’t sleeping, have chronic hip pain, stabbing crotch pains, suffocating acid reflux, contractions, manic urination and question whether they can continue to properly wipe themselves. We find it makes the most sense to simply change the name to what 99% of women are saying at this time,” explained. Dr. Gavirtz.

Dr. Tom Ricker, an OB with a clinic in Pennsylvania, said calling the week “I’m so done with this sh*t” with his patients, may prove awkward at first, “But then again, I’m using the term after checking the state of her hemorrhoids, so I guess it makes sense.”