Mothers Have Surprising Response to Outcry Over Perez Hilton’s Shower Selfie with His Toddler

Four days ago, Perez Hilton, the popular celebrity gossip blogger, posted a selfie of himself in the shower with his 2 year old son. What appears to be an adorable and harmless photo was met with intense scrutiny as commenters accused Hilton of child abuse. Hilton clarified in the comments he was wearing a swimsuit.

Image via Instagram

Appalled commenters said “Eeeewwww this picture is so wrong and creepy” and “CHILD ABUSE.” Some even made reference to Hilton’s homosexuality and impact the shower would have on his son. Some were not parents, therefore had no idea what they were talking about, but some of the negative comments surprisingly came from parents. The accusations of child abuse led many people to come to Hilton’s defense, but also left many mothers puzzled and slightly pissed - for different reasons.

One Instagram user and mother of 2, Sunshine427, commented, “Uh, hold up. People think a parent showering with a baby is inappropriate? So there are parents on here who get to shower alone? WTF!”

MommaOfBoys said, “This is OUTRAGEOUS. The parents on this thread crying child abuse are obviously showering alone AND THEY’RE NOT SHARING THEIR SECRET!”

KimCarter457 said, “Ignore the haters! This picture is adorable! But real talk - I would give anything for a long shower alone without a baby barging in.” 

Jen007 said, “This is ludicrous! You don’t even need to clarify you were wearing swim trunks! This is YOUR SON. Although, going completely naked does leave you vulnerable to comments like, ‘Mommy, why do your boobies look like saggy sandbags?’ I may or may not know from experience.”

The negative comments towards Hilton angered the mothers of young children, but also spurred feelings of jealousy and a deep longing for when they used to take long hot showers alone and in peace. Maybe with fancy soaps, loofahs and oils. They could just relax as the hot water rolled off their shoulders. No co-showers to save time, no one barging in asking for fruit snacks, no one asking to be wiped - a time they've nearly forgotten.

Janice King who goes by the Instagram handle KingMe! said, “I can’t believe some of the negative comments against Perez were coming from other parents! How could another parent think bathing with their young child is bad? On the other hand, they're showering alone so I might switch over to their team. Sorry Perez."

Hilton has kept quiet over the controversy, leaving the following photo in response.

This post is satire, spun from a real news story.