MOMAHA COLUMN: Parenting in the age of social media is the worst

When I was a teen, my friend and I were asking each other hard, philosophical questions like, “If you could only eat one kind of cereal for the rest of your life, what you would pick?” and “Would you still want the car to be invented knowing that it’s going to kill millions of people?”

My answers were, “Froot Loops” and “Yes. No. I think so?”

The conflicted feelings I have about cars are the same conflicted feelings I have about social media. And the same debilitating fear I’ll have when handing my girls their first set of keys will be similar to when I hand them their first smart phone. When they’re 30 years old, obviously.

I’ve noticed many spiritual leaders say they’ve never encountered so many people this afraid and filled with anxiety over elections, the state of our government and global atrocities. While many people’s emotions may be founded, I have to wonder, why now? A brief history lesson will tell you the world has always been filled with horrors and sorrow, and this is actually one of the very best and safest times to be alive. There have always been evil people. Oppression. Frightening wars. My mom and dad recall drills at school where they would hide under the desk for an imminent Russian nuclear attack. Our children now undergo drills in the event of a lone gunman. Things change. They stay the same.

So why are we more afraid now than we’ve ever been? Why do we have more anxiety? Could it media?

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