MOMAHA COLUMN: Are you missing your own life?

I’ve had a revelation. I’m sure if I told it to Oprah she’d say something like, “You’ve watched all my shows, and you’ve just now had this revelation?”
My revelation is this: Start living in the moment. In my body. Here. Not out there, wandering aimlessly in my thoughts. Or lost in Facebook threads. Or the comfortable escape of a bag of M&Ms leftover from Easter.
Start living in my life.
So many seasoned parents have told me “to enjoy every minute” of motherhood “because they grow up so fast.” It's a cliché I can intellectually ingest as likely true, but hard to absorb when I’m so exhausted I have my eyes held open by paper clips while trying to discern if the stain on my shirt is melted chocolate or someone else’s poop.
Especially now that so many of us work inside or outside the home and are constantly drawn to the call of our devices, living somewhere else other than in our lives might be the new norm ...