May I guilt you into voting for us?

Yesterday was my birthday and the most exciting part of the entire day was my cake. Because it was basically apple pie in cake form and Whole Foods knows what the hell they’re doing. 

But also, it’s because the day started off with frequent contractions and other “this is it” pregnancy moments. At first I was like “YASSSS! GET THIS BABY OUT!” even though you and I both know that although having your baby on your birthday is the most “wonderful gift” you could receive, no one will ever care about my birthday ever again, including me. Plus, I don’t want “combo gifts” with anyone 35 years my junior, no matter how cute the kid is. Sadly and fortunately, the contractions petered out, but I did have a lovely dinner at home and smashed that cake for real.

MY POINT (and yes, I do have one) - if you would like to wish me a happy birthday and get me a gift - I do have a great gift idea! I just found out a bit late to the game (because Microsoft so diligently protects me from emails I actually want, but gladly sends through men in India trying to sell me SEO services) that I’m a finalist for the Red Tricycle Awards for Hilarious Parenting Humor!


I was honored with a nomination a few years ago and I got second place toHonest Toddler (can’t be mad at that). I would love a chance to win this year, but I need your help! If you’ve enjoyed this site and our humor over the years, please take just a few moments to vote for HaHas for HooHas by clicking on the link here - - voting ends tomorrow so be swift! I would appreciate it more than you know.

And also, if you’re the praying, good vibe sending type - please shoot them my way as I approach the birth of my second baby. I need all the help I can get!

Blessings to you all and thank you - 

Anna Lind Thomas