Leave The Hair-Cut to the Professionals

Sometimes kids can't catch a break. Like when their parents want to save $8.00 on their haircut and take matters in to their own hands. Last week, we created an eCard about such "overconfident" parents that think hair styling is a breeze. I mean, honestly, how hard is it to trim hair in a straight line? Pretty freakin' hard, actually.

In response to our eCard, HooHas fan Heather Forde Prosa, sent us an incredible gem. It was picture day (which makes this picture even more incredible) and grandpa took it upon himself to trim up those bangs. He found out rather quickly that cutting bangs in a straight line isn't as easy as it looks, so he kept on trimming to "even things out." After a few snips here and there, viola!!

His grandson is now wearing an awkward blonde helmet for kids with soft spots on their cranium. Side note: The nose picking is unrelated to the butchered bangs disaster, but for some reason is seems fitting.

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