Kids Spelling Badly: Dad Pooped. Wait, What?

Payback's a Fart Joke via @hahasforhoohas

Photo submitted by Tory Miller.

One thing so hilarious (but also scary since kids can get super ticked if you have no idea what the picture is supposed to depict) about kid's drawings is the whole mystery and innocence of it all. It's like an intense game to figure out what they drew and what it all means! 

When I was cycling through submissions, I ran across this photo without first reading the explanation. I wrote my thought process down in white.

I was wrong. Twice. And I love it!!

Mom's explanation:

My daughter wrote a story at school about our puppy. She meant to write that her dad put the puppy in the bathroom. She's in Kindergarten and they have them just sound out their words and write the letters they hear. :)

OH! So, this has nothing to do with poop, monsters or man parts in baskets? This is a dad putting a sad puppy in the bathroom? I LOVE KIDS SO MUCH!!

You know what else I love? The teacher probably still thinks this was just another child drawing a picture of their dad's scary poops.

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