I Wish It Were Halloween Everyday

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. The pumpkins, the leaves, the spooky chill in the air.

My son however does not share this love.

If he could lock himself in the house during this season of ghosts and goblins, he would.

I don't even know when this fear started, but it's there to this day. I recall him being about 4 years old. We were getting ready to trick or treat and before we left, a kid in a ghost mask came to our door for candy. My son saw him through the glass and high-tailed it into the kitchen, hid under the kitchen table, (hate to break it to you son, but tables offer no protection from ghosts) and refused to come out. The following year, my son's father's workplace sponsored a Halloween hay ride/party. We were sitting at a picnic table happily eating our hotdogs and s'mores when a zombie type creature came onto my son's radar. He dove, head first, under the table. In his terror, he didn't notice the rusty nails in his dive path, and managed to catch them with the top of his left eyebrow. He emerged from under the table, bloody and screaming. It took me a minute to realize that the zombie had not caught up with him under the table, that in fact it was the sharp nails sticking out under there.

My love for scary movies during this season has not rubbed off on him either.

I love the Halloween movies, and to this day, still get a chill down my spine when I see Michael Meyers. My son also gets that same chill in the form of not sleeping for days, checking under the bed, the closets, and any other place a deranged serial killer may like to hide, and accompanying me to any room in the house I happen to go to - this includes the bathroom. Son, Michael Meyers will not snatch you up while I'm pooping. He prefers to wait until you're asleep.

I Wish It Were Halloween Everyday via @hahasforhoohas

I also love haunted houses. As you can guess, my son does not. He has humored me though and will go on haunted hay rides. I haven't figured this out though. He hides his head the whole time. So basically I pay around $10 so my son can get up close and personal with my lap. I guess that's a bargain, considering I paid about $4,000 the day he emerged out of my lap and was born so to speak. We have a few Halloween items in common: we freaking love candy.

Candy candy candy.

Can't get enough.

Being that I'm beyond the trick or treating age, I have to pimp him out every year to bring me back some candy. We also love carving pumpkins. We usually carve a couple fancy ones, and as long as I agree not to turn all the lights out when we are finished in order to see our handy work, we are good to go.

The Halloween countdown has begun. I'm eagerly awaiting for the night of tricks and treats, eating all of the Kit-Kats out of my son's candy bag, and being the vixen that I am, maybe dressing up as a seductive cat later and repeatedly walking in front of my boyfriend and dropping pens on the floor, and bending over to pick it up.

And this year I will remember to pay attention to the fireplace behind me, and to the fact that my cat tail is flammable.