How to Make Trying to Conceive Less Work and More Twerk

Sometimes conceiving is as easy as falling asleep on a Motel 6 comforter, sometimes it isn’t.

Sometimes conceiving starts off exciting and frisky and evolves into just one more thing to check off the list right behind doing the dishes and before catching up on your DVR recordings of Little Women LA.

So, sometimes we need to get creative to spice things up. Here are my tips (and a great product recommendation) for pouring some Sriracha on your baby making adventures (figuratively, not literally, that would probably burn and maybe cause temporary blindness). 

Here we go!

1)  Make it a fun game to see if both parties can achieve the Big O before the next episode of your favorite Netflix series. You have 30 seconds - make every second count!

2)  Take conception out of the bedroom and try it in a room you’ve never tried before - like a coat closet. It'll be weird, but there’s a 30% chance it'll be weird in a good way! Just make sure there’s enough room so someone doesn’t get a Charlie horse.

3)  Have rewards set it place after another successful deed is done. Make the reward special and personal to you, like a slice of cake, accent tables you saw at Target or have your favorite manicurist waiting in the living room ready to give you a mani/pedi. Whatever feels good to you.

4)  Create a sexy playlist, but throw in a few zingers in there like the theme song to Golden Girls. Whoever loses focus first has to wash the other ones car.

5)  If you have kids, make it game and place bets on what kid is going to try to knock the door down to interrupt you first. If it’s the kid you pick, you have to unload the dishwasher. Pick wisely.

6)  Create a role play challenge, like you’re two Hipsters looking for love. Make your husband grow a beard and wear skinny jeans and have him wait for you at a coffee shop. Show up in a vintage dress you found at the Goodwill and cut your bangs about an inch short. Buy an overly complicated coffee and see if you can spark a passion that leads you back to the bedroom.

7)  If you’re both exhausted for whatever reason, flip a coin to see who has to do all the work. Heads, you take the lead, tails, just relax and take a nap if you need to.

8)  Drink a bottle of wine. Wine always helps move things along. It also helps you fall asleep while watching Chopped. Try this one at your own risk.

9)  Just wear robes all day. Not having to remove clothes is half the battle.

10) Try Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant! (Okay, this tip isn't a joke, it's actually a pretty cool product.)


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How It Works 

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SASMAR Conceive Plus® sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.