HooHas Hilarious Oscar Highlights

There's no doubt that with Ellen running the show, hilarious crap is going to happen. And it did. Although, she wasn't responsible for ALL of it.

The Internet helped, a lot. I love you, Internet. Most of the time.

There were some powerful, inspirational and emotional moments, but since we're a humor website, let's just focus on the most hilarious parts, shall we?


Jennifer Lawrence Bites it On The Red Carpet


We reported last night that it didn't take long for the Internet to put Jennifer Lawrence biting it on the red carpet into GIF form, and frankly, it was magical.


Someone get this woman some flats! The good news? J. Law biting it last year and this year actually makes us love her more - so keep on falling m'lady and we'll keep on laughing, mmkay?


The Selfie that Took Down Twitter


I think the Internet has unanimously agreed that this is the most epic selfie photo to ever be in existence. It puts my "I'm bouts ta hit da club" duck lip selfies to shame. Hard.

But there's one beautiful piece of magic that makes this truly the best photo that ever lived. Do you see it?


But seriously, do you see it?

Stop looking at Brad Pitt. Yes, he's still hot and keeps getting hotter. Hot enough to keep my loins burning for years and years to come, but there's something else even more epic than Brad's face.

That's right.

Is Kevin Spacey a male version of Mona Lisa? I mean what is happening with his face right here? I could stare at it for hours in a museum constantly trying to pick apart the subtlety of this facial expression.

The Spacey Lisa wins forever. It so wins.


John Travolta's Introduction of ... Adela?


​So, this was a little cringe worthy. 


John Travolta totally wrecks Idina Menzel's name. I felt bad, but luckily the Internet responded and quickly lifted my spirits:

(via twitter)


Then, like a fine wine, it just kept getting better ...



Someone Brought a Burrito in Their Clutch


That's right, it's Kristen Bell.

(via twitter)


And I am not judging. 

There's a good chance she's joking, but I refuse to believe it.

Probably because I would totally carry a burrito in my clutch in a frickin' heartbeat and then regret it when all the celebrities around me start wondering who smells like Taco Bell. I'd blame it on the person next to me then run to the bathroom and woof it down in the stall like a frenzied squirrel.

Please. Just let it be true.

Welp, these are my favorite moments from the Oscars last night. What are yours?!