HooHas is All Grown Up

Over 6 years ago, I started HaHas for HooHas with my best friend from college. At the time, someecards was all the rage, and it was hilarious, but obviously male oriented humor. In fact, at the time, most things on social were targeted towards teens or men. Holy crap has that changed! Women and mothers have now pretty much taken over the universe, or at least Facebook, and I think we can all agree it's better for it. 

When I started HooHas, I wanted to make people laugh, and from that, spark a little joy and lots of hope. Nothing can take someone from depression to elation or fury to elation like a good old belly laugh and that's the kinda stuff I wanted to start peddling.

I had many incredible writers work with me (some of them got way more famous than me, so see my next post on overcoming feeling sorry for yourself), several posts went viral (it feels like magic every time), and my eCards were shared regularly by juggernauts like Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and countless more. I only mention these things to say that this website has been so good to me. It has brought me incredible joy and it even though I have outgrown it, it will live in my heart forever, as I hope the fart story has lived in yours.

HooHas and all of its incredible content isn't going anywhere. It's here to consume and enjoy - the eCards are here to stay and ready and waiting to be shared. But things are about to get so good, so much better and richer (with all the same laughs) - over at my new platform Anna Lind Thomas (dot) com.

I'm writing two books, "The Pregnancy Chronicankles" (if you're pregnant, go join our group!) and "It's Not That Serious" - both heartwarming, yet fairly salty, laugh out loud books that I promise will make you feel better about most things when you're done with them.

I also speak! Out loud! On stage! At events! I have spoken at various events including conferences, universities, churches and more - centered mostly around the topics of women, relationships and self-esteem. Recent talks have been around how to survive and thrive in a social media world that takes everything way too seriously. I'd love to speak at your event! For inquiries and scheduling information, go here.

So, come grab your seat over at my new platform and let's get wild! Or at least share a laugh and then go about our day. Whatever the case, I'm so excited to do it together. And FYI - nothing has changed on social. If you're following me there, we're good <3

Love ya,