Hilarious // Genius // Adorable Halloween Costumes! ZING!

Submitted by Sara Baxter



Submitted by Deb Briar


Submitted by Kerri Green

"The time I dressed all four of my daughters as villainesses. Because, let's be honest, that's what daughters are."


Submitted by Tera Holder

"My little man's first Halloween!  Hard to believe this adorable Dopey is almost 13!"


Submitted by Jaclynn Drehobl


Submitted by Rochelle Wray


Submitted by Alicia 

"So last year I was 7 months pregnant and remembered a picture I had seen the year prior, and since I was so far along in my pregnancy, I knew I could pull it off. My son wanted in on the action so it appears that his arms have come through my belly and I even gave him a little Halloween pumpkin!"


Submitted by Jennifer Christensen


Submitted by Brandie Smith


Submitted by Hillary Seymour


Submitted by Crystal


Submitted by Lauren & Belle


Submitted by Shannon - "Dust Bunny"


Submitted by Liz Glamazon

"This child's costume I purchased at a yard sale become my Elmo pelt.  I went to Halloween as an Elmo Spirit Warrior. I hunted down and killed this Elmo, and now wear it's pelt so that the other Elmo's cannot detect me amongst the herd."


Submitted by Brianna Hetland


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