Hilarious Book Giveaway: Many Paws


Sometimes I get asked to check out a book from an agency and if I like it, I get free copies to give to my fans. We just hit the jackpot friends.

Saddle up because it's a book about "the change." Since I just had a baby a little over a month ago, the only thing I'm changing are diapers so I wasn't sure how much I was going to care about a book about menopause. Well, I cared alright - it was hard not to. The book is titled Many Paws. Why? Because as the author Susan DeGarmo says “no southern lady is going to have a book laying around that says ‘Menopause’!”

True enough.

Anyway, what really impressed me about this book is how hilarious, fun and interactive it is. You slide jokes out, you open up doors - I felt like a kid again reading about menopause holding a newborn and everything seemed so weird but so right in the world!

If you're like me and still have to keep tampons at the bottom of your purse (that somehow unwrap on their own and the cotton is covered in fishy cracker crumbs), you'll still love this book - if not for a good laugh then as a great gift to give to your favorite menopausal lady (oddly enough, not the first time I said "favorite menopausal lady" and fingers crossed it won't be the last). If you're getting a hot flash right now trying to fan yourself with your laptop, then register for this giveaway, gurl!

Check out Susan DeGarmo's website to learn more about this fabo book. Giveaway ends Monday, January 26th at 3 PM CST. We're giving away three of 'em!

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