HooHas Podcast Ep. 23: Walking Dead Plot Holes: Where the hell is zombie grandma on her Hoveround scooter?

Host Anna Lind Thomas and co-host Susannah Lewis first talk about being sick as a mom and compare our suffering to our husband's man colds. Then we address some serious Walking Dead plot holes. Gas only lasts 3 months! Where are the zombies in wheelchairs?? Where's zombie meemaw in her Hoveround scooter? Where are the little people zombies? You know Amy and Matt Rolof are somewhere ready to bite yo ass. Who's making the dangerous tampon runs? Will Daryl be able to get the right brand and size without screwing it up? Also, Anna discusses if she was separated from the group with one other person, who she would choose for safety purposes - Rick, Michonne, Daryl or Glen? (hint: it's not Glen).

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