Golden Girls Granny Panties are a Real Thing, America!

If you were wondering how to spend your money, just stop. Pull out your credit cards. Buy all of the Golden Girls granny panties. 



Blanche's underwear is crotchless you guys! As an aside, what's the point of crotchless panties, really? I mean, do we need to waste everyone's time? And lace? The answer is yes if Blanche Devereaux's face is all over them.


My favorite character is Dorothy, so this is a must have. Why were these not available for my honeymoon? I've always wanted my panties to say, "I put the sarcasm and gigantic drapey curtain-like clothes in the word sexy" - just like Dorothy.


One little snag is that these undies are a bit pricey. The site Dangerous Minds reported these Golden Girls panties are $160 as a set and range from $38 - $52 for each individual pair.

But can you put a price on a pair of Sophia panties that go up to your boobs?!




Okay, there's one more little snag. This amazing set from the Etsy shop Bullet and Bees is no longer available. My guess is they flew off the freaking shelves, because OBVIOUSLY!

Thank goodness the Internet lasts forever. Make more Bullet and Bees. Please.


H/T Dangerous Minds