A Gift You Can Pee On ...

So this showed up in my Facebook feed, recently.

And I thought, hmmm. This is ... interesting. Pee stick art? Is this a super fancy pregnancy test? Am I peeing on this? 

Oh, wait. Nope. It's a pregnancy announcement. But still, am I peeing on this? And then giving it to you ... as a gift?


Ok. So it's a pregnancy announcement keepsake. Oh wait, it also doubles as a Christmas ornament. But seriously, am I peeing on this and giving it to someone to decorate and then giving to my friend as a Christmas ornament?


The seller never seems to clarify, but it appears you just order these and she decorates unused pregnancy tests to make the announcement.

Here's my question - is she open to bedazzling my pee cup I put in that metal door at my OBGYN? I'm asking for a friend ...

Have you announced your pregnancies in creative ways? If so, what'd you do?

Full disclosure: when/if I get pregnant - I'll probably steal the best ideas so leave comments at your own risk ... ;)