Friday Family Photo Fails

Jen, the original co-founder of HaHas for HooHas has always said, "HooHas is really about being able to laugh through the chaos of life."

A-freaking-men, sister. 

And you know what makes me laugh so hard my neighbors have to file noise complaints?


I love them so hard, you don't even know.

Seriously. I could spend all day looking at them. These pictures sent to us from the Hardcastle family do not disappoint. 

Please observe a hilariously clumsy little one.

(Photo credit: Renee Bergmen)


And I'm going to be totally honest here, this one below made me spray my coffee all over the computer screen - because HELLO!?!

(Photo credit: Renee Bergmen)

I just can't! I JUST CAN'T! YOU GUYS!! Is this for real!? I mean, look at everyone else looking so beautiful at the camera!?!

For those of you worried about the little one's welfare, the mother was pleased to report that the picture looks worse than it was. She wasn't hurt at all and not a single tear was shed.

Except my tears from laughing so hard.

Special thanks to the Hardcastle family for sharing these incredible pics. I'd be remiss if I didn't plug their charitable real estate website, especially if you're in the Dallas area!

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