Family celebrates mom’s 20th year putting everyone’s needs before her own

Cindy Grier, Colorado Springs woman celebrating 20 years of putting everyone's needs before her own.



Local Colorado Springs woman, Cindy Grier, is celebrating her 20th year putting everyone’s needs before her own. It was Cindy’s idea who forced the party on her family.

For years, Cindy pooped with an audience, showered while at least one child banged on the door begging her to open up, never ate a hot meal, had to cancel social plans to care for sick kids and drove a Town and Country despite swearing an oath she would never own a minivan. She also has the same purse from 15 years ago because "children are expensive as hell." She’s married to Tom Grier and together they have 3 teenage children with one in college.

“I decided I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday this year because getting older is easy. Instead I wanted to celebrate 20 years of sacrificing nearly every facet of my life for a bunch of turds who often take me for granted,” said Grier.

Grier’s husband, Tom Grier, said he didn’t mind putting on a bash for his wife, but thought she was over exaggerating her sacrifices “just a smidge.” 

“This last Thanksgiving, Cindy left the last piece of pumpkin pie for me (her favorite) thinking I’d like it for breakfast. When I woke up, I decided I’d had enough sweets and gave it to the dog. I just now realized why she didn’t talk to me for the rest of the day,” said Thomas.

Cindy’s family got her a cake that Cindy had to order herself, and says she’s eating the entire thing no matter how long it takes, and everyone can get one of those damn frappachinos if they need something sweet. “I bet she changes her mind after a couple slices,” said Tom.

Thomas was correct, as Cindy allowed her family, who was staring at her cake for nearly an hour with a sorrowful look on their face, to have a slice while she was eating her first piece. Within 30 minutes the cake was gone.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Cindy says she saved money and plans on taking a vacation to Italy with just her girlfriends in the spring.

UPDATE: Cindy’s oldest son, a college student in North Carolina, broke his leg in a bike accident on the first day of spring and begged for his mother to visit and help care for him. Her trip to Italy has been postponed indefinitely.