Exhausted Mother of Newborn Twins Left Sleeping in Cab While Driver Let Meter Run

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With drool seeping from the corner of her mouth and her head resting on her own shoulder, a mother of newborn twins was left sleeping in the back of a cab all day while the driver let the meter run.

Flaxen Cab Company driver Bobby Njunkukshalaw received a call to pick up Dawn Herbert from her home on Darren Avenue at around 7:45 am Wednesday morning. She requested transportation to a doctor’s appointment only 5.3 miles away.

However, the exhausted 32-year-old mother of two four-month-old colicky boys fell asleep only seconds after entering the cab. Instead of waking Mrs. Herbert, Njunkukshalaw circled the city for nearly seven hours with the meter running.

“When I woke up, I felt really refreshed, which is a feeling I haven’t had in a long time so I knew something wasn’t right,” said Herbert. “I also noticed the driver was eating a bacon cheeseburger, which seemed odd since I thought it was only around 8AM. Then I noticed the fare on the meter had reached $1,204.”  

Mrs. Herbert frantically checked her cell phone to discover that it was 2:20 PM. She also had 33 missed calls from her sitter.

“I told [Njunkukshalaw] to stop the cab immediately,” Herbert said. “I argued with him about the cost and then I called the police.”

In a statement given to law enforcement, Njunkukshalaw said, “When [Mrs. Herbert] came out of her apartment with messy hair and spit up covering her yoga pants, I knew immediately that she was a sleep-deprived mother. I almost asked if I should take those bags from under her eyes and put them in the trunk.”

Njunkukshalaw stated that Mrs. Herbert looked so peaceful sleeping in the back seat that he didn’t want to wake her. He also says he picked up several other passengers while transporting Mrs. Herbert, but she never woke. Instead she curled into the fetal position and attempted to cuddle with two other fares.

In a decision made by Judge Bart Bartholomew, Mrs. Herbert was required to pay the cab fare and overtime to a livid sitter who was late for an acoustic guitar set with her boyfriend at a local coffee shop.

“At first I was pretty angry about having to pay a total of $1,400 for a seven hour nap,” Herbert said as her children both screamed from their tummy time mat, “but it was totally worth it.”


This post is satire. Please don't send angry, exhausted letters to Judge Bartholomew.